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  • No disability 
Self Care
  • Create your zen place - for your own retreat (even be a car)
  • Baseline Health starts with Whole Foods Diet
  • Prioritize your To Do List and put in your calendar
Loved One
  • John used the Treadmill for a few years which helped him maintain his muscle memory and walking
  • Because weight machines are bulky and as his coordination changed, it was more important to use something that was more flexible and safer.  We used an older model BowFlex, they have several to choose from - we have replaced the resistance arms, but it has lasted more than 10-Years
  • Resistance Machine
  • Review financial goals regarding retirement age, dependent support, lifestyle and charitable contributions
  • Find a financial adviser that aligns with your financial goals and ideals
  • Review your job and paths for career path, passive income and a fall back skill in the event of economic downturn