Strong Partners for Stronger Business - Yorkshire Partners, LLC
  • Minimal disability - issues becoming prevalent 
Self Care
  • Add light to your zen area:
  • Determine which  Music Therapy can work best to motivate you to reach goals
  • Stop Junk Mail and Digital Spam
  • For quick Blender meals check out: Very Well Fit Suggestions
  • We use non-masticating and masticating Juicer and found the Omega to hold up the best - it didn't clog, it was easier to clean and the juice was easier to digest   
  • The non-masticating juicers were better for getting more fiber, but we replaced them a couple times a year 
  • Take a day to focus on foot and hand care
Loved One

  • Look at real estate (flipping, renting, AirBNB, commercial)
  • Adult Day Care Provider is something we looked into
  • Make use of extra living space as an AirBNB Host 
  • Charter your boat or RV
  • Rent out an extra vehicle using Turo
  • Determine if franchise or business for sale - would or would not fit in your portfolio  
  • AirBNB - It is a good time to decide if it may be something you'd like to do
  • RV Rental
  • Off-Roading  

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