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  • Fully ambulatory with moderate disability in a functional system or mild disability in more than 3 functional systems
Self Care
  • Use Aroma Therapy in your zen place
  • Disconnect from technology & media for a day, then 2... (tune out)
  • Reach out to support groups or on-line forums 
  • Donate media (e.g., CDs) if you don't have a player for them
  • Take a day to concentrate on skincare example: Celavi Collagen Facial Face Mask
  • If you have things that you are saving for a special occasion (e.g., candles, dishes wine, clothes) get a nice carry out dinner and put them to good use
Loved One
  • His PT used a Yoga Ball for balancing exercise, 2 - 3 times a week
  • His PT consisted of going to a swimming pool and using Foam Noodles - Swimming and walking for the brain to keep memory motion (note: the exercises in link would have been done with noodles for support) - He did the exercises 2 times a week
  • They used foam rollers for balancing exercises in PT - and he did the exercises at home 4 times a week 
  • Recumbent Cross Trainer and Elliptical offers a good range of motion and allows your loved one to stay seated so they can use it through several stages
  • We were able to purchase a used scooter from a local nursing home, FB Marketplace may have some as well
  • I had to replace the batteries in the scooter (note it takes 2 batteries)
  • We have a Jeep wrangler and used this trailer hitch ramp to transport the scooter (we had to make a slight cut to get it around the spare tire on the Jeep - but it was worth it)
  • The ramp was also useful to carry our Landa  4500 PSI powerwasher  (fits perfectly)
  • If you are carrying anything on the ramp - use ratchet straps
  • Grab bars and handles in JK Jeep were helpful and look cool 
  • Sensors are a great tool as well - especially as spacial reasoning declines
  • Lift Chairs are not covered by insurance.  You may end up with a more comfortable chair than a supply house from on-line or furniture retailers.  They typically come in two parts and hook together if you order from an on-line retailer
  • The Adjustable Shower Head was great and is useful if you are using a shower seat
  • 5S - Shadow Boards