Strong Partners for Stronger Business - Yorkshire Partners, LLC
  • Able to work a full day. Fully ambulatory, self-sufficient, up and about some 12 hours a day despite disability; able to walk 300-500 meters & may require some minimal assistance - the disability is prevalent 
Self Care
  • Add hydration therapy to your zen place 
  • Get your check-ups - even if it's tele-health
  • Try listening to meditation before bed
  • Comfy Robe, PJ's and Relax Slippers will help with getting better sleep - get a matching set for fun
  • Think about a sabbatical or short-term leave to get life in order 
  • Take a day to focus on hair care
Loved One
  • At this stage you will see that attire begins to change to more casual
  • Taking doors off of closets and using closet organizers or wall units becomes more practical
  • I did a lot of slow cook meals at this stage 
  • As drawers become more difficult hanging dividers become an easier solution
  • We found out after trying several canes that the Hurry Cane really lived up to it's name 
  • Switchmate Snap-On Instant Smart Light Switch That Listens
  • We bought Ligget and Platt and love it, but there are models of Adjustable Beds with headboards
  • His PT used Resistance Bands in therapy sessions so we bought a set for when therapy was not in session
  • With decline in mobility using a Tens Unit was a great way to keep muscles from atrophy
  •  We purchased a recumbent bike, but there are also transportable units that are easier to move and store
  • We started installing grab bars in bath and then for toilets and then in various doorways as disability progressed
  • I did purchase a lift kit for the toilets but then went with a tall-boy model in the bathrooms
  • We added a stand up vibration machine to the home gym
  • If you are on sabbatical & need little income while you are sorting things out - look into gig jobs  
  • Dog walking or house sitting may be an easy option while you plan for the future
  • Day trading 
  • Start looking into career transitions
  • Real estate course - agent that has more flexibility than a 9-5 career day
  • On-line teaching