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  • Intermittent or unilateral constant assistance (cane, crutch, brace) required to walk about  20-100 meters with or without resting
Self Care
  • Listen to Meditation in your zen place or before bed 
  • Give yourself 15-min for  Yoga / day
  • Skin Care  
  • Take the long way home or take a long drive or walk 
  • Take a day to focus on your breathing and heart
Loved One
  • Attire should be easier to get on and off and shoes may need to change to house slippers 
  • When google reminders don't work a smart pill box helps
  • A lockbox can be used for emergency crews - I left information with local police department if they need to get in
  • When loved one is breaking plates and glasses - switch for microwavable and unbreakable dishes and cups
  • To prevent spills -  tumblers with tops
  • Twist Memory Foam Pillow - Support
  • If you can't get a prescription, it's better to get a good wheelchair or borrow one.  I picked up a few cheep ones that rusted within the first year
  • A lockable first aid box is good if you contract with caregivers who you may not know

  • Create Content and get paid with Steem App which pays in crypto-currency 
  • Set up Benefit or Webcast on Eventbrite
  • YouTuber - or Influencer
  • Coder - Click for Free Training  

  • A Mother's Rest - Respite (BNB for caregivers generously discounted)
  • Stay-cation with Maid Service
  • Streaming movies with Video Conferencing