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  • Unable to walk beyond five meters, restricted to wheelchair; wheels self in standard wheelchair and transfers alone; up and about in wheelchair some 12 hours a day Unable to take more than a few steps; restricted to wheelchair; may need aid in transfer; wheels self but cannot carry on in standard wheelchair a full day; May require motorized wheelchair
Self Care
  • Focus on gratitude in your zen space 
  • Charcoal Teeth Whitening
  • Do one of your top tasks and let go of an extra task
  • Thank people who are positive in your life - if you have something in a collection (e.g., jewelry) that reminds you of them - give it to them
  • Keep going or Stop Anxiety Inspiration
  • Self Care Checklists
  • Take a day to focus on your teeth
Loved One

  •   Amazon Delivery
  • Video Get Away
  • Face Peels 
  • Foot Massager 
  • Chair Massager
  • On-Line Courses
  • IR Therapy (Sauna or Lights)