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How a Lean Diet Contributes to Business Health
Racing Parts Maker Moving to Charlevoix
CCIM Regional Outlook for Midwest - Chasing Yield


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Estate Planning

If done correctly, estate planning can actually save you time and money while you and your loved one are enjoying life.  It is important to talk to an elder care attorney or at least see what resources are available to help set up living trusts or special needs trusts.     

This is an interesting article on how estate planning is becoming less prevalent in 2020, even though you would think there would be more resources for people.

Site Modification

I wanted to thank everyone for the supportive and wonderful comments.   As happens in life my business partner became ill many years ago.  We have had several ups and downs and I wanted to share some of the resources with other caregivers who may need a comprehensive way to navigate the tides of caring for someone with increasing disabilities.  

I have been so blessed to continue to help businesses with optimization and will continue to post as time permits.  

May you stay healthy,

How a Lean Diet Contributes to Business Health

We all know the dangers of fad diets.  Just as yo-yo diets have negative consequences on other organs of the body, taking the same approach to lean manufacturing has the same effect on other departments within the organization.   Think how reducing excess fat and waste affects other parts to build a healthy system and contributes to overall well-being.  

It is important to take a balanced approach to business health just as personal health.  

Lean is only part of the picture.

Racing Parts Maker Moving to Charlevoix

CHARLEVOIX -- A racing parts manufacturer is shifting operations to Charlevoix, bringing a handful of employees from its previous Grand Rapids site and opening up new jobs as well.

Oliver Racing Parts, which produces connecting rods for use in racing engines, was acquired earlier this year by Advanced Clean Air Technologies (ACAT Global). That company has its headquarters and a manufacturing site for catalytic converter components along M-66 in Charlevoix, at a site that housed a Hoskins Manufacturing plant in years past.

CCIM Regional Outlook for Midwest - Chasing Yield

The Value-Add Play

Buyers shopping for higher returns are finding them in the Detroit metro area. “Lately, we are a magnet for out-of-town, value-add investors looking to buy underperforming assets at a fraction of replacement cost,” says Larry Emmons, CCIM, SIOR, senior managing director at Newmark Grubb Knight Frank in Southfield, Mich. Buyers are looking for class A and B multitenant, multistory buildings in prime suburban markets — namely Southfield and Troy — as well as in Detroit’s central business district.

Projects add up to big changes for downtown Detroit

Major changes are coming to downtown Detroit soon.Most of the big projects on tap have been announced and some are even under construction. But the cumulative impact may not have sunk into the public’s consciousness yet.In all likelihood, by five years from now, the quickly reviving downtown and Midtown district will sport a new light-rail system, a new hockey arena, hundreds (if not thousands) of new residential units, at least one new hotel, and multiple new recreational venues including the remade Detroit Dry Dock building on the east riverfront.

Red Wings Arena Project Approved

The Detroit Red Wings home, Joe Louis Arena, is among the most famous arenas in its sport.Soon, the arena will be history.On Wednesday, the Michigan Strategic Fund board unanimously approved a $650 million project that includes up to $450 million in bonds going towards a new arena for the Red Wings and other events, according to The Associated Press. The remaining $200 million will be spent to develop a 45-block area between midtown and downtown where the arena will be built.The approval comes at a time when the city of Detroit has declared bankruptcy, but Governor Rick Snyder believes the arena project will benefit the city.

New jobs coming to Roseville

By MITCH HOTTS; @mhotts Posted: Thursday, 07/25/13 06:53 pm
It’s beginning to look like Christmas in July for Roseville where several new developments are in the works that will bring jobs to the city including high-tech cellphone repair positions.
So far this year, the city has more than $30 million in investment in new and existing businesses, with some high-profile ones such as Emagine Entertainment’s plan to build a 15-screen theater and retaining others such as the oldest knife manufacturer in the world.

Rebuilding Detroit after the Bankruptcy

Detroit is a natural area for a disaster preparedness and recovery hub. Set on the shore of the Detroit River, in a State open to immigration, Detroit has an existing infrastructure ready for temporary or permanent migration. Money spent on responding to and rebuilding areas prone to natural destruction would be better purposed restoring and re-purposing the Detroit region which is relatively safe from natural disasters.